Sport injuries

Sports injuries may be classified as chronic, usually due to overuse, or an acute injury occurring while participating in a particular sport.


Overuse injuries frequently result in microscopic tears in a particular tendon with secondary inflammation, and may be quite resistant to treatment. An example is Achilles tendonitis. A variety of nonoperative methods are available which include medication, local infiltration, bracing, and physical therapy. At times, surgical intervention is necessary.


The acute sports injuries depend upon the mechanism of injury. They may be of high energy such as one might see following a fall in competitive skiing, and can result in fractures, dislocations, as well as other more severe injuries.


A lower degree of injury may result in an acute tendon strain or ligament sprain. Even a simple sprain of the main joint of the big toe due to a hyperextension injury, commonly called “turf toe” due to the nature of the playing surface, can result in prolonged disability. The specific treatment of acute sports injuries naturally depends upon the nature of the injury, and frequently necessitates surgical intervention.

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