Located in the heart of Geneva, Clinic La Colline is a unique institution, in terms of both the architecture of its buildings and the way its departments are arranged.

It offers medical expertise of high‐level advanced technology and exceptional hospitality infrastructure. Clinic La Colline is a multidisciplinary medical and surgical establishment. It is equipped to welcome patients 24 hours a day, every day. Working closely with the Medical Centres of Competences, it is able to offer you the best possible cross‐disciplinary medical and surgical care.

Clinic La Colline
• 6 operating rooms which meet all the latest standards
• Ongoing care unit and Luxury hospital stay
• Outpatient surgery center
• 25 Medical Centres specialized in numerous fields
• 13 medical and surgical specialities


In-house medical analysis laboratory

Radiology centre

Physioterapy unit

Emergencies centre

Executive and International Medical services (Check-up Department)
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